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Veterinary Council

Dedicated to advocating for our members and advancing the science and practice
of the veterinary profession to improve animal and human health.

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Unit 4, 4th Floor, Mareua Mall, Windhoek

061 305643 or 081 212 8544 (9am-5pm)

Open Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00 - 12:00

Closed weekends & public holidays

Maintaining the Prestige

The profession of veterinary care is one of prestige and excellence and we aim to maintain the enhance that prestige, status and dignity.

We advise the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry on any matter that affects our profession.


Protecting the Profession

We are here to protect you, a veterinary professional, through several functions. Our goal is to protect veterinary professions and para-professions by protecting your interests and regulating the practice of those professions.

Setting the Standard

As a council, we determine the minimum standards of tuition and training required for degrees, diplomas and certificates in order to register to practice a veterinary profession or para-profession.

We also control the professional conduct of all persons practising in our industry. and encourage and promote efficiency and responsibility.


How We Serve You

We have several committees dedicated to our vision of protecting, promoting, and advocating a strong, unified veterinary profession that meets the needs of the profession and the community. These committees are there to serve you.


This committee exercises the powers and performs the functions of the Council as directed by the Council.

Chair: Dr Siegfried Khaiseb
Vice Chair: Dr Anna Marais
Members: Dr Natangwe Amuthenu, Ms Sunè de Klerk and Dr Mike Beggs


This committee screens applications for registration of veterinarians, veterinary specialists, veterinary para-professionals and students before they are tabled to Council. It also draws up documents that detail the scope of practice of each para-professional category as defined by Act 1.

Chair: Dr Veronica Amunyela
Members: Dr Siegfried Khaiseb and Dr Simeon Elago


This committee advises the council on all education related matters.

Chair: Dr Anna Marais
Members: Dr Alaster Samkange (UNAM), Dr Paul Sitwala (DVS Medicine Control and Advisory Officer), Dr Jessey Kamwi (NVC examiner) and Mr Immanuel Ganuseb (Council member)


This committee advises the Council on all matters relating to veterinary facilities.

Chair: Dr Natangwe Amuthenu
Members: Dr Michael Beggs, Dr Veronica Amunyela and Dr Naindji Haindongo.


This committee conducts investigations into complaints lodged against registered members of the profession in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 51.

Chair: Dr Michael Beggs
Members: Dr Michael Beggs, Dr Simeon Elago and Dr Juliet Kabajani.


This committee deals with all matters pertaining to veterinary para-professionals.

Chair: Mr Emmanuel Matheus
Members: Mr Immanuel Ganuseb, Dr Georgina Zaïre and Sr Malaika Loschke

Special Services

This committee replaces the Wildlife Committee and provides recommendations on matters involving specialist veterinary fields.

Chair: Dr Simeon Elago
Members: Dr Anna Marais (Vice-chairperson NVC), Dr Janine Sharpe (MEFT veterinarian), Dr Mark Jago (wildlife lecturer and veterinarian, UNAM) and Dr Israel Kaatura (UNAM)